Switching characters

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Switching characters

Postby Korikabu » Thu Aug 07, 2014 7:58 pm

Switching characters freezes the game on the "Initializing World..." screen, with this output in the console :

Code: Select all
[0808/015536:INFO:CONSOLE(1)] "TypeError: Cannot call method 'getInventoryItem'
of null", source:  (1)
[0808/015538:INFO:CONSOLE(1)] "Load of ./assets/ net/lugdunon/ui/dialog/Progress
Dialog.html completed in: 0ms", source: http://client.lugdunon.net/assets/net/lu
gdunon/util/Namespace.js (1)
[0808/015540:INFO:CONSOLE(1)] "ERROR OPCODE: 4", source: http://client.lugdunon.
net/assets/net/lugdunon/util/Namespace.js (1)
[0808/015540:INFO:CONSOLE(1)] "TypeError: Cannot read property 'characterStats'
of null", source: http://client.lugdunon.net/assets/net/lugdunon/util/Namespace.
js (1)

Hope this helps ! :)

[Edit] : Doesn't seem to happen all the time...
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Re: Switching characters

Postby lugdunon » Fri Aug 08, 2014 9:00 pm

Thanks for reporting this!

I had a similar issue that was fixed when the character switching was introduced.

I'll get this one taken care of in 0.7.1 as well.

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