A few things that we noticed

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A few things that we noticed

Postby Lansalittle » Tue Sep 04, 2018 8:26 am

So, after a too-long hiatus, Tome and I returned to the game (even though I was a dummy and used the wrong account name...I am a dummy).

Well, we put in a fairly long play day and noticed a few things.

Instances are a little wonky. After entering or exiting an instance, most of the time, we encountered either lag or stutter or sometimes even a complete crash. We also found out that if 2 characters simultaneously enter the same entrance, that the world stands still...to the point of having to restart the game. The 2 people thing can be fixed logistically with communication between the people entering the instance, but I felt that it might be something that needed to be put out there as well. Also, we noticed that the Sanctum entrances sometimes didn't initiate the entrance. There were times that we had to pace across the door for about a minute or so before it registered that we were trying to get inside and initiated the load of the instance.

Ruins are kinda borked. I know that you are working on some things for the ruins, but as it stands right now, at least in the Piedmont area, when someone goes down into a set of ruins, nothing in there can be interacted with, and you might be able to walk around a bit, but then you are teleported right back to the entrance. I saw a few creatures in there (Spiffy), but none of them noticed me, not even the rats that so enjoy trying to nibble me when I am in a mine.

The weather also seemed a bit odd at times. I love the weather feature, by the way. Tome and I would be standing right next to one another, and one of us would have sunshine and the other would have fog. We even turned circles around each other to make sure that it wasn't a "2 feet to the left" thing, but still, once sunshine and one fog. Later, it happened again, only that time, it was one rain and one fog.

The Transit Authority! This is one seriously awesome feature, we really liked it. The cities could do a better job of hiring their transit masters, though. The ones that we met last night had a tendency to shirk their duties. We would ask for a ride to another city, and they would just stand there looking at us like we were standing in their corn flakes or something. Sometimes, simply walking away and coming back would cure their attitude problem, but others it would require leaving the world entirely before they remembered where the keys were.

We also noticed a slight thing with the XP (which iirc has been a thorn in your side many times). During the course of last night's play, we managed to max All of our skills. I realize that we are the especially busy beaver types, but we are not unique with our "hit the ground running" method. This could be taken care of several ways: You could add more skills (spiffy, but probably a lot of work); you could increase the skill cost a bit (topping out a 64 was a little low considering XP gain, maybe 128 or even 256 with wiggle room later); or you could nerf the XP gain.

All in all, we are happy to be back and we hope that you and yours are doing well. Things are looking good and we look forward to playing in your world again.
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Re: A few things that we noticed

Postby fstltna » Mon Oct 01, 2018 11:29 pm

Thanks for the comments!
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