'The Economy'

'The Economy'

Postby Brash » Mon Feb 10, 2014 1:55 pm

A lot of prices and crafting mechanisms are probably still in flux.
So maybe one thread to make just brief mentions of things still needing a look.

Farmer's Linen Blouse is valued at 72 silver, while Orgetorix's Chainmail Tunic is valued at 12 silver.
I am not sure a linen chestpiece should be worth six times more than a bronze chestpiece?
Also bronze and stone tools seem to be very close in price? I will recheck but it seemed like basic tools ran about 2-3 silver whether made from bronze or stone.
Bronze items overall seem to have a very low price value given how useful they are.

this part may be ok -- I think all chainmail items have the same protection value regardless of metal?
(so you might be foolish to make a gold or steel chainmail set when bronze chain functions the same)
but this is not 100% bad either as it means the person who makes the steel or gold chainmail will stand out more since no one else will bother to make these ;)
** actually if steel chainmail wears out slower, this could be a plus. I just noticed how fast my bronze gauntlets are worn down, I guess from punching things??
So next time I take off my good gloves before I punch rocks :D edit: nope not from punching, I guess being smallest means they wear out faster is all

EU server gets two gold ore spawns and USA server only has one :p so a second gold ore spawn on US server in a dark corner might be nice...

Coal is so cheap at the vendor. I know it is on a timer but still, I do not mine much coal and instead try to buy vendor coal
because it is cheaper than paying for repairs on my pick, to buy coal instead of mining coal
I think I like overall the vendor refresh timers and might like to see them on a few more things
for instance Mustard Mutton (35 stamina) is so overpowered based on ease to make, but if you were limited in making only very small batches it might help a little.
So maybe food vendor items should also be on a refresh timer...?

At some stage cooking needs a look to see that the more you invest in the skill, the better the rewards
(but I think that is true at the moment for ALL of the crafting skills)
So maybe it can wait till summer beta ^_^
(I am suspecting Pumpkin Pies might be their money makers :p I haven;t yet checked though.)
Right now I am thinking
Tier 1 food recipes should give 15 (health or stamina) and use one ingredient, and can be made at a campfire or stove
Tier 2 food recipes give 25 (health or stamina) and take 2 ingredients and an "iron pot" or skillet, and only make at a stove
Tier 3 food recipes give 35 (health or stamina) and take 3 ingredients, a pot and .. something extra lol not sure what. A "Advanced Secret Recipe Cookbook"? Does not get used up but you need someone to make this for you.
Or maybe something you cannot buy from a merchant. Like .. rat and bat meat :D
Or maybe a separate baked item like a pie crust, so its a two-step recipe
Or something tied to Alchemist -- ground spices maybe.
So researcher makes their cookbooks, blacksmith makes their iron skilets, alchemists make their ground spices, adventurers get their rat/bat meats
(maybe general crafting or smelting can make ovenproof baking dishes out of clay)
This way a high level cook is very UBER and needed, but they are also dependent on some other crafts.

Has anyone tried minting silver & gold coins? I am curious what their value is ...

*** I am very much looking forward to seeing how the new Spells & Weapon skill schools get implemented!! These look very cool.
Spells don;t have very much "merchant value" however this is fine as the price value to players will be very high.

>>> Some items will always be worth more for vendor sales, other items worth more for player-to-player sales.
BRONZE items & SPELLS may be good examples of things crafters can sell to players but not worth much to sell to vendors.
Maybe "Linen tailor farming" is ok as you also want combat-only players to have a way to make good cash, and currently linen cloth drops are their sole source of income.
They have to play for those weapons and armors from crafters, some how!!!

Maybe also skeletons have a very LOW DROP RATE on some gems. Especially if linen clothes are priced down. So explorer/adventurers always have an income source.
Fighters need to make money otherwise they cannot afford to buy from crafters. BUT, it should never be a way to AVOID buying from crafters. This is why a rare gem drop rate might be good.
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Re: 'The Economy'

Postby lugdunon » Wed Feb 12, 2014 2:05 pm

Excellent post, as always.

Cooking does need some love, and I intend add some more interesting recipes soon. I would also like to hold a contest soon, allowing people to come up with some interesting recipes and then including best into the game.

I like the idea of giving the skeletons the ability to drop the occasional gem. I shall make this a thing.
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