Silver, Food, and other Misc. things

Silver, Food, and other Misc. things

Postby Tome » Tue Mar 04, 2014 7:30 am

Me and Lance were doing some back and forth with different recipe ideas among other things and I did more thinking at work to day. I figured I'd just make one long post in the forums rather than spam the holy heck out of the suggestion feature like i do when I'm playing and an idea pops into my head. So sit back, grab a coffee, and enjoy the wall o text.

Cooking (cuss chefs need love too)

First and foremost:
BREAD!!! I mean, it's a staple of any healthy diet, it gives a good use for flour and yeast, and will be a base for some of the things on down the list.

The Rest:
Sammiches: I mean noms central there. All the current meats can be used along with a few other things. simple to implement when all you have to do is have one icon and just change the center to match the type.

Cookies and Cakes: Everyone has a sweet tooth. Sugar is already in the game. They can be variations on the bread recipe

Salad: Never can go wrong with a bit of iceberg and veggies. Granted, you'll have to add lettuce, but you'll make all the vegans and vegetarians happy :P

Cheese: Mostly for sammiches, but good just to munch. Mite need to spawn a mouse raid if too much is stockpiled :P

Butter: The saturated fat of kings. Needs the addition of a butter churn. Necessary for the classic grilled cheese sammich. Also for lots of other things like topping the next entry.

POPYCORN!!!! No explanation needed.

Pasta: Simple to make. Useful as hell. Plus, I want my Mac n Cheese please.

Silver uses:
I have to say that silver is one of if not the most useless metal in the game so far. A few ideas may help that problem.

Enchanting Armor: Using a few bars of silver with a scroll and a piece of armor to enchant it. I have no idea on how to balance this concept in game but the idea is there. Plus i would thing it would give the armor a nice silver pinstripe in it to make it look just that much cooler. Even if this form of enchanting is a no, the ability to customize your armor aesthetically would be worth it.

Enchanting Armor Mk.2: A few bars of silver plus a spell scroll and bottle of flax seed oil to make a either temporary or permanent buff to your armor.

Potions: Silver can be used as a base for alchemical potions. Would require the addition of herbs and such. That way all magic would not rely on solely on spell scrolls. There are things in the natural world that can do wonderful things as well :P.

Jewellery: A player ain't a player without some bling bling. In all seriousness though, it would add use for the gems, gold and silver. They should also be enchant able so that players have more customization in what they can do or ability to make up for shortfalls in their skills.

Misc. Thoughts:

Me and lance both think that the colored street lamps is way too heavy. The purple lamps on are farm for example, If i stand next to them, it becomes a pain to see what is directly under them. The light spread is good, but the color should be a tint not a cloud. More akin to the wall sconces.

Speaking of lamps. What powers them? Magic? Fusion? Dont Ask, Dont Tell? Rainbows? The Ponies you never give us? I demand answers!!!!

We need to be able to make bridges. Period.

Side facing fence gates. Sorry to beat a dead horse but hey, I'm gonna bug yo till i get em. Speaking of horses........

Horses. Not necessarily to ride but they would be neat to have on the farm.

Coffee. I know this should be in food but i didn't think of it till now. Sue me. A good stamina restoring drink.

Mines. There should be a way for players to dig their own with a random assortment of ores. But that can come more towards the end of beta.

Larger instances. Our mine and crypt are comparatively tiny. We need space to get lost and need the homing conch to get home. I don't know if a GM can change the instance size since i don't run a sever, but it would be a good idea to allow it so people can make the Underdark if they so choose.
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Round 2

Postby Lancifer » Tue Mar 04, 2014 8:22 am

This is where we are adding some of the more complicated ideas that we have had, that, if they get worked in, would take a bit more tweaking. :) Grab another cup of coffee and "stay awhile and listen".

Salt...I have really been thinking that salt would be a wonderful addition to the game, it can be used in cooking, alchemy and maybe even some spellcrafting. It would take a lot of work to put in though and a bit of changing of the way some tiles work. The first part is that there would need to be a difference in how the water tiles are read, the ones around the island would be salt water, while the rivers and lakes would be fresh water. Once that was in, just a few new recipes and we are good to go.
New Craftable!: Clay cup/pot. This is what would be used to gather salt water and turn it into salt. It would need a campfire for a cooking station. The clay pot would be consumed when the salt was made (like the Muisca tribe of South America for example, who boiled jars from their salt water springs to make portable, yet usable salt from the spring, busting the jars for the salt bricks inside). The salt, once made, would have durability for recipe use and would not be able to be repaired.
The addition of salt would add even more recipe possibilities(like bacon!).

Expansion on Cooking:
New Craftable!: Butter Churn. Place milk inside and agitate it (same mechanic upon churning as grabbing eggs or yeast), when it is finished, you get butter.
New Craftable!: Cheesecloth. Use this, milk, salt and whatever else is in any cheese recipe and set it down (or possibly in a new, craftable building) and it will be ready once set.

When Tome mentioned the lamps, it got me to thinking...just "bear" with me for a moment here.
New Drop!: Bear Grease
New Recipe!: Oil (Made from Bear Grease)
New Recipe!: Lamp Base (takes flat iron bar, Oil and Linen Thread) this would replace the Iron Flat bar below the colored glass in the lamp/sconce recipes.

A few more things :)
New Craftable!: Backpack. While we do have quite a lot of inventory space (thank you so much for that!), perhaps the ability to make a backpack that can allow us to carry even more things. Or, thin down the standard beginning inventory and dd a backpack to expand. There can also be different sizes of backpack, relating to the materials/recipe used to create it.

But...what about Fluffy and Fido? It would also be nice if we could name our pets. Not necessarily the livestock, but a 125g cat and dog really deserve names, and it would allow us a more personal touch to our fine furry friends.

I am also working on a list of (mostly cooking) recipes using currently in-game materials that I will be sending later on. Other than that, my mind went blank, so I will have to gather my thoughts for another time....darn my lack of coffee. lol
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Re: Silver, Food, and other Misc. things

Postby lugdunon » Tue Mar 04, 2014 1:30 pm

So much awesome stuff in here, I don't know where to begin.

All of the food recipes / items def should happen as they would add a huge amount of depth. I look forward to what you can come up with recipe-wise, and they will make it in. ;)

Naming pets needs to happen.

Inventory expansion. I'll need to think on that one. I made the amount of default slots large on purpose, and the fact that you can tear down chests and barrels kind of makes this possible now (although you have to place the chest or barrel again before you can access its contents).

Salt will happen. Been wondering how to add it in, and your suggestion solves this perfectly, given that yeast traps already work in exactly the manner you describe.

I agree that the colored lamps are a little much. I'll look at reducing the glare on them.

Lamps are fueled by enslaved pixies.

Bridges I'll add in tonight. The main reason i have been holding off is that they will work kind of wonky when bridging elevations. I have a fix planned for this, so I guess it won't be too horrific to deal with in the meantime...

Vertical fence gates will go in soon. I think I have a solution that will be of minimal impact.

Player discovered mines are something I have been meaning to get in for ages. I should probably set some time out to work on this soon.

Instance sizes are specified at creation time, and can be any multiple of 2 (256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024, etc). There is a utility available for importing instance terrain and elevation using a set of images as the source ( Currently editing new templates in game is a bit cumbersome, but I will be adding an editor for this.

Jewelry and potions are on my list of todos, as both alchemy and goldsmithing need some love. Would love some suggestions on recipes for both. ;)

Horses would be a good addition. Just don't know how to approach mounts at the moment without a huge amount of spritework...

Thanks so much for this. Posts like this really get me excited.
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