GM controled NPCs

GM controled NPCs

Postby jafty » Mon Mar 10, 2014 1:58 am

My server is going to be focued on roleplay. I think it's important , if you have a roleplay server, to host some events.

Couldn't there be a way to allow a GM though a command to control an NPC like a player?

I don't know how it would work, but I noticed you have a data file for players and for NPCs. Maybe create a mirror player version of the npc when the command is used saving the npcs last location so it can be replaced when the command is revered or the GM disconnects.

The server seems to handle adding and removing assets on the fly pretty good.

Anyways just an idea.
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Re: GM controled NPCs

Postby lugdunon » Mon Mar 10, 2014 10:04 am

That is a great idea, and has been on the informal list of TODOs for a bit.

I've gone ahead and added it to the feature roadmap list:

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