No more free hosting offered, but still free trials...

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No more free hosting offered, but still free trials...

Postby fstltna » Wed Nov 14, 2018 1:59 am

I offer Lugdunon hosting for $14/month with first month free. Cancel before the month ends and you will be charged nothing. You can sign up with no credit card or paypal address required. Go to to get more info or and check out using the "offline" payment method and you will not have to provide billing info. When the month ends I will ask you if you want to continue your server hosting or not. We provide a full community website worth over $200, and donate $5 to the Lugdunon developers to help support the development of this great game platform. If you decide to cancel you will be able to get a archive of your Lugdunon data. Hope to hear from you!
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