0.8.3 Released!

0.8.3 Released!

Postby lugdunon » Tue Feb 28, 2017 6:59 pm

0.8.3 is finally here!

There are a few interesting features added with this release, and a ton of bug fixes and performance improvements, but the bulk of this update has been to go through the backlog of art assets and update the tileset, icons, and item definitions to reflect the long overdue additions.

This has resulted in:
  • All new housing tileset and the existing buildings have been redesigned to take advantage of the new art.
  • All new tree tileset and the addition of a new tree, the Alder.
  • Several of the crops have had their tilesets updated.
  • New interior tilesets (floors, walls, and stairs).
  • New exterior tilesets (floors and walls).
  • New table and trestle table designs.
  • New counter / bar tilesets.
  • New raised platform / stair tilesets.

A couple other things of note:
  • Sand can now be placed upon the ground (including over water) much like slate and turf. This will come in handy when you spawn on a desert island.
  • NPCs will now enter in to a 'long update mode' when no PCs are within 45 tiles of them. This will drastically reduce server resources and allow for a larger density of NPCs. This can be disabled via a server config property.
  • Placeable items can now be edited within game. This is still very rudimentary, but will greatly increase the speed at which new items can be made.
  • Players can randomly generate names and appearances for their characters at creation time.

One note though of bad news. I was away for a few days earlier this year and the hosting service that I was using for the auth server, and the demo servers lost all of the live account data and backups. This was partly my fault in that I didn't maintain an offsite backup of the account data. I have now relocated the auth server (and the demo servers will be going live there in the next few days) and have established a regular offsite backup for the account data.

I am terribly sorry to all of you that this has happened, and if you previously had an account and are now having trouble logging in, please contact me at chris@lugdunon.net with your account name and I'll make it right.

Read the full release notes here.

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Re: 0.8.3 Released!

Postby fstltna » Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:01 am

Looks great so far. Good to be able to log in here again :D
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