0.8.5 Released!

0.8.5 Released!

Postby lugdunon » Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:59 am

0.8.5 has finally dropped, bringing with it a slew of updates.

Things of Note:
  • Player metrics expansion. The game now tracks a ton more information on what a player is doing. This will lay the groundwork for the upcoming procedural questing engine.
  • Initial support for waterfalls that are oriented to the north, east, and west.
  • Procedurally generated roads between provincial capitols as well as connecting settlements.
  • Externalized whitelist and blacklist APIs to allow third parties to extend.
  • Towns now have a barracks and patrolling guards that will assist townsfolk if attacked.
  • Mods can now list credits, acknowledging the people that helps develop it.
  • Worlds can now be archived to a .lug file, as well a populating new worlds from archives.
  • Armor stands allow players to display their stored armor sets.

Known Issues:
  • (Uncrafted) Small Limestone House Un-enterable.
  • Statistics panel fails to render if no currency earned or spent.
  • Damage taken statistic fails to render a 0 if no damage has been taken.

Read the full release notes here.
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