0.8.6 Released!

0.8.6 Released!

Postby lugdunon » Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:42 pm

0.8.6 has dropped. Expect a patch release in the next few days to fix the known issues.

Things of Note:
  • ARC Visualizer. A new helmet item and recipe have been added that allow the wearer to see ARC connections between items in game.
  • A Planter / Harvester ARC powered item and recipe have been added. With the use of the also new Location information holder, players can define a region of land to automate various farming and resource gathering tasks. Look for a short video coming soon to showcase this new feature.
  • Another new information holder has been added that provides several weather related values.
  • The sunwheel item is now placeable as a time /environment information holder.
  • Procedural road generation performance has been greatly improved.
  • Lots of API expansion and fixes.

Known Issues:
  • Certain properties don't take effect until second start. (DefaultCharacterStats)
  • Kill brigand leader causes cascading stack trace when assigning honorific (AssignHonorificCommand NPC -> PC Class Cast Error)
  • Aggro on attack ai is broken
  • Nothing is dropping loot when slain by pc
  • Can't place nemetonic generator
  • Candle expiration is bugged
  • Town warp doesn't work in instances
  • Location translation (range checks and placeable violation) still not working
  • Arc matter condenser tooltip needs addressing
  • No weather holder recipe.
  • Corn and wheat graphics are swapped.
  • Flax seed has wrong icon.
  • Silver chain recipe broken
  • Nightshade not dropping pigment
  • Planter / harvester 4 -> 5 information outputs

Read the full release notes here.
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