(0.8.2) Status for Saturday, July 31, 2016

(0.8.2) Status for Saturday, July 31, 2016

Postby lugdunon » Sat Jul 30, 2016 10:02 pm

Release Notes:
  • net.lugdunon.character.Character.pathCompletion value (0.0 - 1.0) now takes variable movement speed into account.
  • Added net.lugdunon.character.NonPlayerCharacter.getOriginatingSettlement() to the client-side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.character.PlayerCharacter.getFactionBuyModifier(npc) to the client-side API.
  • Fixed honorific spacing in net.lugdunon.character.PlayerCharacter.prototype.getLabelSuffix()
  • NPC spawner id is now communicated to the client-side.
  • Added ASSET_MODE_POLITICS to net.lugdunon.command.core.ConnectToServerCommand.
  • Added ASSET_MODE_SETTLEMENTS to net.lugdunon.command.core.ConnectToServerCommand.
  • Added ASSET_MODE_DEITIES to net.lugdunon.command.core.ConnectToServerCommand.
  • ConnectToServerCommand now handles politics data.
  • ConnectToServerCommand now handles settlements data.
  • ConnectToServerCommand now handles deities data.
  • ConnectToServerCommand now handles gm custom sprite layer presets.
  • ConnectToServerCommand now handles account properties.
  • Added locationChange chat filter.
  • Added faction chat filter.
  • Added ability for (non-guest) players to save sprite palette presets. If player is a GM, their saved presets are made available to all players.
  • Added save as preset (+) button to presets header of the sprite options panel in net.lugdunon.states.character.options.SelectableSpriteOption.html
  • Added net.lugdunon.states.character.options.SpriteLayerOption.handleAddPreset() to the client-side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.states.character.options.SpriteLayerOption.clearCustomPalettePresets(paletteDef) to the client-side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.states.character.options.SpriteLayerOption.renderCustomPalettePresets(paletteDef) to the client-side API.
  • Added support for an editModeConfigurableAction (in addition to configurableAction) for placeable item definitions.
  • Added net.lugdunon.states.tiledGame.modes.DumpScreenRegionMode to the client-side codebase. This mode allows for a selected region of the visible game world to be dumped to JSON.
  • Fixed an issue where items were being improperly placed (in wrong location) using net.lugdunon.states.tiledGame.modes.PlaceItemMode.
  • Added a list detail dialog type.
  • Removed net.lugdunon.ui.achievements.panel.BasePanel from the client-side code base.
  • Removed net.lugdunon.ui.achievements.AchievementsDialog.html from the client-side code base.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.dialog.listDetail.BaseDetail to the client-side code base.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.dialog.listDetail.BaseListDetailDialog to the client-side code base.
  • net.lugdunon.ui.achievements.AchievementsDialog now extends net.lugdunon.ui.dialog.listDetail.BaseListDetailDialog.
  • net.lugdunon.ui.achievements.panel.CategoryPanel now extends net.lugdunon.ui.dialog.listDetail.BaseDetail.
  • net.lugdunon.ui.achievements.panel.StatisticsPanel now extends net.lugdunon.ui.dialog.listDetail.BaseDetail.
  • net.lugdunon.ui.achievements.panel.SummaryPanel now extends net.lugdunon.ui.dialog.listDetail.BaseDetail.
  • Fixed a redraw artifact in net.lugdunon.ui.advancements.AdvancementsDialog.
  • Fixed color scaling in net.lugdunon.ui.color.HSVColorPicker.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.color.ColorPickerDialog.getColorValue(index) to the client-side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.color.ColorPickerDialog.getPaletteLength() to the client-side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.color.HSVColorPicker.toggleValueChanged(toggle) to the client-side API.
  • Changed text of copy button from "Copy Error to Clipboard" to "Copy to Clipboard" in net.lugdunon.ui.dialog.CopyableLargeTextDialog.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.icon.PoliticsIcon to the client-side code base.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.icon.SimpleIcon.iconOffset (point object) to the client-side API.
  • net.lugdunon.ui.inventory.slot.InventorySlotInteraction now passes npcId to CORE.COMMAND.SELL.ITEM.VENDOR command.
  • net.lugdunon.ui.inventory.sub.Repair now factors in faction buy modifier.
  • net.lugdunon.ui.inventory.sub.Vendor now factors in faction buy modifier.
  • net.lugdunon.ui.inventory.sub.Vendor now passes vendorInstance in net.lugdunon.ui.inventory.slot.InventorySlotInteraction.enableDeleteDropTarget().
  • Fixed an issue with the character type text mouseover label in net.lugdunon.ui.npc.NPCEditorDialog.
  • Fixed an issue with the edit requirement text mouseover label in net.lugdunon.ui.quest.sub.Requirements.
  • Trimmed down net.lugdunon.util.Color implementation. Moved original to net.lugdunon.util.LegacyColor.
  • Removed net.lugdunon.util.Color.toIndex(v0,v1,v2,grade) from client-side API.
  • Removed net.lugdunon.util.Color.colorizeSingle(rgb,hsl) from client-side API.
  • Removed net.lugdunon.util.Color.colorize(canvas,hsl) from client-side API.
  • Removed net.lugdunon.util.Color.GRADEP from client-side API.
  • Removed net.lugdunon.util.Color.GRADEP2 from client-side API.
  • Removed net.lugdunon.util.Color.GRADE from client-side API.
  • Removed net.lugdunon.util.Color.RGB_TO_HSL_LUT from client-side API.
  • Removed net.lugdunon.util.Color.HSL_TO_RGB_LUT from client-side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.politics.PoliticsDialog to the client-side code base.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.politics.panel.FactionPanel to the client-side code base.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.politics.panel.ProvincePanel to the client-side code base.
  • Added net.lugdunon.state.character.Character.GENDER_UNSPECIFIED to the server-side API.
  • net.lugdunon.state.character.Character.setAppearance(JSONArray appearance, int index) will now assign a random appearance if there is an issue with the provided assignment.
  • Fixed an issue with loading NPC behaviors.
  • NPCs will now continue to process behaviors during current step only if current behavior is greedy.
  • Fixed an issue with awarding loot and experience in net.lugdunon.state.character.NonPlayerCharacter.handleHealthChangeEvent(final int healthChangeType, final int causeType, final Object cause).
  • Added net.lugdunon.state.character.NonPlayerCharacter.hasBehaviorContextVariable(String id) to the server-side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.state.character.NonPlayerCharacter. getOriginatingSettlement() to the server-side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.state.character.NonPlayerCharacter.alterFactionStandings(PlayerCharacter killer) to the server-side API.
  • Removed net.lugdunon.state.character.PlayerCharacter.buybackItem(int si) from the server-side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.state.character.PlayerCharacter.buybackItem(NonPlayerCharacter npc, int si) to the server-side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.state.character.PlayerCharacter.getFactionBuyModifier(NonPlayerCharacter npc) to the server-side API.
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Re: (0.8.2) Status for Saturday, July 31, 2016

Postby fstltna » Sun Jul 31, 2016 12:22 am

Thanks for the update!
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