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(0.8.3) Status for Sunday, August 14, 2016

PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 10:50 pm
by lugdunon
Server mods altered in this update:
  • net.lugdunon.server.worldgen.defaults

/etc files altered in this update:
  • commands.json
  • items.json

Release Notes:
  • Removed
  • Removed
  • Added
  • Phased placeable items can no longer be violated (by terrain layers or other placeable items).
  • Added net.lugdunon.state.item.action.SandActionHandler to the client-side code base.
  • net.lugdunon.state.item.action.SlateActionHandler now calls CORE.COMMAND.PLACE.GROUNDCOVER.
  • net.lugdunon.state.item.action.TurfActionHandler now calls CORE.COMMAND.PLACE.GROUNDCOVER.
  • Added net.lugdunon.state.item.PlaceableItemInstance.isPhased() to the server-side API.
  • "Pile of Sand" inventory item can now be placed upon the ground (including over water). Useful for getting off of a desert island, or reclaiming coastal land.