Question on upcoming animals

Question on upcoming animals

Postby Lancifer » Sat Jan 25, 2014 12:47 pm

The barrels of animals that we are going to be able to buy in 0.5.13, are the animals going to be a renewing resource or breed? I noticed on your screenshot of things to come that they are not exactly super cheap to buy like going down and buying a pack of steaks. Just curious on how the mechanics are going to work there (especially with the sheep dying of exposure after shearing :P).
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Re: Question on upcoming animals

Postby lugdunon » Sat Jan 25, 2014 2:28 pm

Currently, they are one shot only. They do not respawn, nor do they breed.

Breeding is on my list of things to do though, so you may see that in 0.5.14.
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Re: Question on upcoming animals

Postby Brash » Sat Jan 25, 2014 2:46 pm

I am guessing the price is also because, at first it will be "safer" to price them too high. You always can lower a price later and no one minds but if you raise a price, people are more frustrated if they did not get their chance at the bargain price.

Also it adds a little bit of a money sink for some of the excess cash still out there from other unbalanced stuff. It's about the only actual "money sink" at the moment ... Not that money sinks matter in an alpha but it also gives the developer some early practical experience with money sink items.

Also for now they don't really have much of purpose just a "status" item, and status items are more ... well, status-y.... when they are not cheap ^_^

Finally, I believe having more animals in the world animals can add lag (?) which means you want some way to control over how many are out there, total. Especially if there are plans to be adding some wild game (stag, boar, wild turkeys, bighorn sheep, etc in lieu of raiding Uncle Owain's penned stock). You are not as likely to have someone with 100 head of cattle if the cattle cost 50G each. And 100 dogs or 100 cats would just feel silly so I am glad those are even higher heh.

I guess the 25G chickens means, no more hatching big flocks of chickens by collecting and throwing Uncle Owain's free eggs :p
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