Possible Collaboration

Possible Collaboration

Postby Yonder » Sat Mar 22, 2014 4:42 pm

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a section for server requesting/advertisement, maybe one can be created and this post could be moved.

Hello fellow GMs & Devs,

I have recently been made aware of this fantastic creation. I am really excited to begin an adventure with the Lugdunon system and create either my own or join a large scale server project. What we have here is extremely exciting and together we can produce a server that can draw in the attention that Lugdunon deserves along with providing a compelling game for all to enjoy.

First a little about me:
Name: Keelan
Age: 25
Residence: Canada
Timezone: EST

Over the years i have been a part of small teams or have followed small teams in the aim to provide MMO's with either 2D or isometric graphics. The only problem is usually the core engine never really gets out of development if it ever reaches there at all. The great thing about Lugdunon is that part is always being developed and consistently worked on and giving us all a great head start to begin our project.

This following paragraph will not be my biggest selling point: Unfortunately for me i do not consider myself proficient in any particular language. This is why i have turned to something like Lungundon or similar in the past as it cuts out the core coding aspects that i lack the knowledge of. I do have experience in php and web development but again i wouldn't consider myself proficient.

Where i do makeup for it is my drive to create something spectacular, i really do want to work on a project that will provide endless fun for all including myself. I have plenty of ideas for a themes and content along with quests and items. But i am also open to any suggestions that we can collaborate on.

Financially i can provide servers and hosting, currently i have servers in montreal and 1 coming this week in germany that could easily be utilised by us for developing this project on. I can provide website hosting on my cpanel server and any costs along the way. Obviously this will be unpaid and we will all be volunteers.

Currently some features that would benefit us are currently not implemented within Lungdunon such as quest writing, modding, amongst others. But i know they are working hard on Lugdunon so no doubt we will see these features in the near future. But this doesn't mean that we cannot continue and implement these later on. Currently we could be:
  • Mapping
  • Developing a theme and story
  • Producing sprites and items
  • Website development
  • Community development
  • Developing a community and interest

I really look forward to any responses i receive. If you are interested then please post a reply and provide but not limited to the follow information:

What you want to achieve with Lugdunon:
Current Project (if applicable):

Don't hesitate to ask me anything either, i am really excited to be apart of the community here at Lugdunon.
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Re: Possible Collaboration

Postby grubblyplank » Mon Mar 24, 2014 12:46 pm

Hi Keelan!

Thanks for this excellent post! As Lugdunon's community manager, I'd be happy to help if I can.
Your enthusiasm is contagious and great to see. Chris, Lugdunon's dev, enjoys reading and hearing (and implementing if possible) what players would like to do with his game, instead of just his own desires. So keep the feedback and ideas coming!
And if you ever need anything at all, send an email to ashley@lugdunon.net or send a forum msg to grubblyplank (my acct name).

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